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FAQs for Patients

What will my initial consultation involve and what should I bring?
At your initial consultation you will meet with a Licensed Prosthetist/Orthotist to discuss the treatment plan, your medical history and set goals. An amputee peer visitor may also be present to answer questions regarding amputation. Bringing your insurance cards, a list of your medications and a list of any questions you may have will maximize your appointment time.
Does my insurance cover my device?
You should contact the Member Services Department of your insurance carrier to determine your benefits and any co-insurance. Some plans do require prior authorization before the device can be provided. Your insurance will be verified and you will be informed of your financial responsibility before accepting delivery of your device.
What should I bring to my casting appointment?
Please bring a pair of shorts and any assistive devices if needed to stand and transfer.
What is the time frame for delivery of my device?
Most devices are custom fabricated. Some devices and/or components may be shipped from a manufacturer. The time frame depends on each individual device and can be discussed with your Prosthetist/Orthotist at your initial consultation. The time frame also depends on the paperwork and/or prior authorization needed from Physicians and insurance companies. You may discuss these factors with RI Limb’s Billing Specialist at your initial evaluation appointment.
What will my prosthesis look like?
All prostheses are custom fabricated at RI Limb. By discussing your goals and needs with our Licensed Prosthetists, a prosthetic design with specific components will be configured to best suit your needs. You may choose to have a cover on your prosthesis to allow it to be shaped more like a natural leg. You may also decide not to have a cover and allow the mechanical parts of your prosthesis to show. The socket design may be flesh toned or you may incorporate a unique design and fabric of your choice into the prosthesis.
What type of support does RI Limb offer amputees?
We offer both pre-amputation and post-amputation consultations. Upon request, we can provide you with a resource listing for adaptive equipment and home/automotive modifications. Currently we are developing a support group for Rhode Island Limb amputees.
How do I prepare for my new prosthesis?
You may discuss your treatment plan with your Licensed Prosthetist at your initial consultation. In some cases, physical therapy may be indicated before the fitting process.
How do I learn to use my prosthesis?
RI Limb advises all new amputees to work with a physical therapist and develop a rehabilitation plan including strengthening exercises and gait training. Our Licensed Prosthetists will instruct you on how to use specific components on your prosthesis during your fitting appointments.
Can my prosthesis break?
As with anything else, components on your prosthesis may break or become damaged and worn. Many components carry a limited warranty. It is important to contact RI Limb if any components come loose or break on your prosthesis. Also, regular preventative maintenance appointments are important to ensure that components are performing properly and are in good working order.
If my device needs an adjustment, what do I do?
Call RI Limb at 401-941-6230 for all adjustment needs. Please note that performing home modifications to your prosthetic or orthotic device automatically voids any and all warranties and will be documented in your patient records. RI Limb is not responsible for any damage caused to a prosthesis and/or patient due to modifications made to the device by a person other than an RI Limb employee.
Can I swim with my prosthesis?
Not all prostheses are waterproof. In fact, some components may become destroyed in water. A waterproof prosthesis can be fabricated for swimming or bathing. Discuss these needs and goals with our Licensed Prosthetists at your appointment.
How do I clean my socks and liners?

FAQs for Medical Professionals

Does RI Limb offer inservices?
Yes. RI Limb is pleased to provide inservices and educational presentations to your organization regarding comprehensive prosthetic and orthotic care. Feel free to contact our clinicians to discuss specific topics that may be available to meet your needs.
Does RI Limb offer residency programs?
Yes. RI Limb is an NCOPE accredited postgraduate residency site for prosthetic and orthotic students. Please contact Jonathan Teoli at for more information and for residency availability.
What paperwork is needed to provide a prosthesis?
Due to increase regulations, many documents, including but not limited to, letter of medical necessity, prescription and detailed prescription are required to provide a patient with a prosthesis. Please feel free to contact RI Limb’s Billing Specialist to discuss paperwork necessary for a specific patient.
Can a Prosthetist/Orthotist be present for a rehabilitation appointment?
Yes, upon request. A Licensed Prosthetist/Orthotist can be present at an appointment to provide collaboration regarding rehabilitation for a mutual patient. Please call RI Limb to schedule an appointment with the patient’s treating clinician(s).